Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meeting of Task Force set for 1:30 p.m. Sunday Dec. 16 at OMNI office

Omni Carbon Caps Task Force
Meeting Notes
November 11, 2007

Present: Robert McAfee, Dick Bennett, Aubrey Shepherd, Matt Petty, Maya Porter, Gladys Tiffany

FOIA: Discussed uncertainty about whether Freedom of Information Act applies to CCTF. Question was raised about the propriety of a Commissioner acting as chair of the task force. The act says it applies to government agencies and those who receive money from the government. Since neither of those apply to CCTF we feel pretty sure we can assume Robert McAfee can remain as chair. He intends to contact the Attorney Generals office to confirm this.

GW Commission Report: The Commissioner from the rural electric cooperatives complained that no bid was let for the consulting work the Center for Climate Strategies had proposed. So the Governor’s office put out a request for bids. There’s little chance that anybody else will be prepared to match the kind of grant CCS proposes. The Commission will select a proposal at the next meeting.

If you haven’t received a copy of the CCS proposal, please email Gladys at It’s a good overview of what they’ve done in other states. Clearly lays out how a commission can effectively accomplish the complex task this one is mandated to perform, with a will by the Commissioners, and support from state officials.

CLAN – Citizens Legislative Action Network: The intention is to find contacts in every legislative district in Arkansas. When action is needed to encourage or discourage support for some issue, CCTF will send requests by email, phone or US mail asking the network to contact their own legislator. Matt Petty is developing the database that will meet our needs for this plan. Maya Porter is gearing up to do the data entry. A form like the one attached is being prepared that can be emailed to people. Would you become part of this network? Fill out a copy of the form, and think of people you know in other parts of Arkansas who might want to help. That includes counties in Northwest Arkansas. Questions remain about secure hosting for the list.
We’d like to start doing press releases soon. Start discussing GW issues, adopt resolutions on an issue, and do a press release about it. Maybe begin with a resolution on biofuels. Maybe do some pamphlets. Matt will check with some writers who might work on this.
Advertising Campaign: Lauren Hawkins created the logo for this site and she will adapt it for use on mailouts and e-mail if needed.
We still need a slogan. Suggestions so far are
“Carbon Junkies”
“We Need a Carbon Diet”
“Sustainable – Arkansas Can Do It”
“Low C-O!”
need something positive, short and catchy.

Next meeting Sunday, December 16, 1:30, in the Omni office at UCM, 902 W. Maple.
Need to begin planning an advertising campaign for next year, discuss “One Sky” priorities. Send other topics to Robert McAfee at

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Beyond Me said...

Here are a couple of suggestions for CCTF themes from Art Hobson:

"Keep our planet cool: Reduce your carbon footprint."
Or "Cool it: Reduce your carbon footprint."