Monday, May 19, 2008

Global-warming commissioners, Carbon Caps Task Force meet in Springdale

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Beyond Me said...

We got some feedback from the Commissioners the next day when they met for their Commission meeting in Little Rock. Robert McAfee reports that they were very pleased with the support they felt from Northwest Arkansas. That was very important, since industry spokespeople started presenting comments at this meeting, and clearly stating their points of view - that don't necessarily support addressing climate change quickly.

It would be every helpful if knowledgable citizens who want to see effective action would speak to Commissioners about their perspectives. There are a couple of ways to do that.

1. Attend Commission meetings. Next one is June Monday June 16. Public is invited and car pooling can be arranged.

2. Join the TWGs - Technical Working Groups. Go to the Commission webpage ( and click on the Technical Working Groups link. Pick a topic and read what they're doing. That's where the action is right now. Public is also encouraged to join in monthly phone conferences where ideas are hammered out.

3. Contact Commissioners you know, and tell them you support them in strong action. They need to hear from you.