Friday, August 8, 2008

Art Hobson leading the charge against global warming

I got up and got coffee Friday morning and then discovered a relatively youthful Art Hobson lecturing on global warming at the Fayetteville library through the magic of Fayetteville's government channel.
Art's message was on target and very much today's message on global warming. Only when the credits ran at the end did I see that it was a show recorded in 2000!

Things are worse now. Our climate has gone crazy.
But Art would only have a few things different to say today if he were to lecture a crowd at the library.

Later in the day, Art emailed an item of current concern. Some things have happened as a result of Art's sermons back in 2000 and before. One occurred with the help of Dick Bennett, Kelly Mulhollan and a bunch of members of the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology.

The most important may be that Arkansas' governor finally created a Commission on Global Warming and that body has been meeting for many months and is being battered by corporate propagandists who don't want Arkansas' legislature to enact any legislation in 2009 that might actually help slow global climate change. Art Hobson is a member of that commission and probably the top scientist in the group.

Let's share Art's August 8, 2008, message to OMNI's Carbon Caps Task Force and those who have signed up for the Planet Works list to lobby the legislature on behalf of the Global Warming Commission's efforts:

"The messages that I was hoping for haven't been getting out to the GW Commission. The Comm needs to hear from others than Swepco--although many of Sammy Cox's (Swepco lobbyist) messages are fairly interesting. I had sent several such needed items, from the internet and other places, to you earlier, but most of them haven't actually reached the Commission. I can't do this myself. ... the Comm need other perspectives. I suggest the somebody at Omni send to the Commission this excellent statement from the LWV: I suggest that it not be accompanied by further comments, except to note that it is sent out by Omni. The note might also mention the interesting "fact sheet" and the 8 pages of "frequently asked questions" that accompany the statement--these are pdfs that readers can click on within the statement.

Cheers - Art

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