Saturday, October 11, 2008

A draft of the final report of the Global Warming Commission is now available. Commissioners can comment on it until next Friday, October 17. Please review and let me know if you have any comments, etc.



1 Compilation Table of Contents through Chapter 8 (117 pp, 2,654 kb)
Part 2 Compilation Appendixes A through K (355 pp, 7,229k b) [Note: Appendix L is under development and not included in this file].

The separate sections of the draft report are posted below. Chapters 3 through 7 are summaries of the longer technical Appendices F through J that contain the “Policy Option Descriptions for Analysis.

Cover Page
Table of Contents (1p, 13 kb)
Acknowledgments (1p, 13 kb)
Members of the Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming (GCGW) (2p, 18 kb)
Acronyms and Abbreviations (5p, 51 kb)

Executive Summary (17 p, 298 kb)
Chapter 1 – Background and Overview (21p, 318 kb)
Chapter 2 – Inventory and Forecast of GHG Emissions (10p, 177 kb)
Chapter 3 – Cross-Cutting Issues (10p, 65 kb)
Chapter 4 – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors (16p, 119 kb)
Chapter 5 – Energy Supply Sector (8p, 64 kb)
Chapter 6 – Transportation and Land Use Sectors (10p, 106 kb)
Chapter 7 – Agriculture, Forestry, and Waste Management Sectors (12p, 128 kb)
Chapter 8 – Review of Current Scientific Literature on Causes and Impacts of Global Warming (4 p, 38 kb)

Appendix A – Act 696 - An Act To Establish the GCGW (8p, 71 kb)
Appendix B – Description of GCGW Process (16p, 108 kb)
Appendix C – Members of Technical Work Groups (3p, 20 kb)
Appendix D – Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory and Reference Case Projections (1p, 14 kb)
Appendix E – Methods for Quantification (5 p, 45 kb)
Appendix F – Cross-Cutting Issues – Policy Recommendations (35p, 261 kb)
Appendix G – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors – Policy Recommendations (58p, 441 kb)
Appendix H – Energy Supply – Policy Recommendations (54p, 423 kb)
Appendix I – Transportation and Land Use – Policy Recommendations (48p, 406 kb)
Appendix J – Agriculture, Forestry, and Waste Management –Policy Recommendations (102p, 1,193 kb)
Appendix K – List of References (25p, 229 kb)
Appendix L – Public Comments

Robert McAfee
The Governor's Commission on Global Warming, Climatologist
2610 W Hackett Rd, Hackett, AR 72937
[479]638-0035 [479]462-8834

350 PPM: The Most Important Number YOU Need to Remember! Cap & Reverse CO2 Emissions Now.

. . . unless we advance beyond thinking only in terms of conservation and alternate sources (of energy) and begin to think in terms of a carbon pie, we will have no chance to stop the rise in atmospheric CO2. Wallace S. Broecker

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