Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Students, residents of Fayetteville meeting to unify environmental efforts

Subject Attention UofA RSOs and Fellow Fayettevillians
What: An All-School, All-RSO Meeting!
When: Wednesday, April 15th @ 5:30 p.m.
Where: In Memorial Hall Inside the Landscape Architecture Studios (Come in the Main Entrance and its behind the glass partition).
Why: To Organize and Focus the Efforts of All of the Like-Minded, Hard-Working RSOs on Campus
In conjunction with Maggie Bailey of the NWA Audubon Society, Campus Sustainability Coordinator Nick Brown, members of the Fayetteville City Government, and many others, we are in the process of coordinating the efforts of all environmentally, culturally, and community-focused RSOs to help streamline projects and allow for inter-group collaboration on projects of all size and relevance.
We are striving to create this 'campus coalition' because often times our groups just aren't large enough on their own to tackle some of the lofty goals we often set for ourselves. This way, students from CSES, Hort Club, ASLA, SIFE, etc. can intermingle and help out on projects they wouldn't otherwise know about, without feeling bad for being unable to help out their department's group.
Some of you may know that have already had one meeting regarding this subject, but many of you were unable to attend. If you were not at the last meeting, here is a short summary of what was discussed:
1) A Mullins Creek (Town Branch on the UA campus) Cleanup/Redevelopment: Nick Brown discussed the need for student help in cleaning this stream of waste, invasive species, etc. Earth Day, April 22, will be the first such opportunity and we will be finalizing plans for this at the upcoming meeting.
2) We spent time discussing the benefits that the Obama's new Victory Garden at the White House can have on our community. If ever there was a time to stress urban/community agriculture, this is it!
2) Maggie Bailey of NWA Audubon brought up the need for broader goals that these projects can fit into. Her primary goal at this point is raising awareness regarding CO2 emissions and some of the rediculous Power Plant activities courtesy of SWEPCO. We will be looking at formulating some tangible, sweeping missions/goals for this 'campus coalition' at our next meeting.
3) We also spent time focusing on providing an index of RSOs, within which we could list each group's goals, projects, members, etc. to encourage both new membership and inter-RSO collaboration. We need all of you to attend our upcoming meeting for this to work!
And finally, if you plan on attending our upcoming meeting, please RSVP to me via email NLT Monday evening, April 13. If you have any questions, please email me and I'll be glad to help!
We need your help, could you use ours?
Billy Fleming
Student ASLA President - Arkansas Chapter

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