Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fayetteville food drive and Washington County "stop the quarry" efforts touted on square on Saturday July 18, 2009

Please click on images to ENLARGE view of details. The finger points to the area where the red-dirt pit that owners want to convert to a limestone mine sits on the edge of Fayetteville. It is up to the Washington County Quorum Court to see that the proposal is not allowed. Residents of Fayetteville and the rest of Washington County must let their justices of the peace know their feelings about this project or it could become an even uglier disaster than shown on the poster. And the limestone pit is estimated to take 75 years to deplete!

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ArgotMay said...

From my house in Washington, I was looking online at the the multiple listing sites for a lower priced house and land to purchase around Fayetteville over the past couple of days.

I feel sorry for folks who don't use Google 'Map' as I do. They will get all excited about a house as I have, and then see (as I did), how near this gaping open mind pit is.

Not one realtor there happened to mention it. I wonder why. Lol.

One can SEE how the water is going to bring chemicals down into Fayetteville. I'd like to know what other horrible pits others know of - so I won't even bother looking for a house there either. Sooo sad and short-sighted.

I hope enough people get up and change stuff like this instead of just taking it.

The land there looks so beautiful otherwise. Hmm...

Good luck Fayetteville!