Friday, September 18, 2009

CCTF Agenda, September 20th, 2009

Meeting commences @ 1:30 PM.

• Welcome! (5 min.)
• What have we accomplished, and what will we accomplish? The list! (10 min.)
• Discuss 1sky official partnership (Ryan Denham) (10 min.)
• Idea pitch: alternative to cap-and-trade, establishing a new “middle ground” (David Orr) (10 min.)
• Future projects (20 min.)
o Repeat climate-concern book forum (NWACC, Greenland, West Fork, beyond! Maybe)
o 2nd hands-on action committee, extension of CCTF? (Jon Gibbs)
• Actions that grow from this?
o CCTF purchase billboard? (Dick) Suggestions:
• “Is this trip really necessary? Stop CO2!”
• “350 PPM”
• Your idea?
o Others?
• Personal actions (5 min.)
o Visit and join the global call to action! Or Age of Stupid viewing. Would anyone like to organize a viewing party or call bank?
o More?
• Closing (5 min.)

Estimated Running Time (ERT), 70 minutes, ending @ ~2:40 PM.

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