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Oil shale production threatens wildlife, human life

Help Stop a Grave New Threat to Wildlife, Public Lands and Water!‏
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Stop the Senate from Putting More Wildlife Habitat and
Natural Resources on the Chopping Block

Drilling for oil and natural gas, and mining for coal has already taken a dramatic toll on our country's public lands, wildlife habitat and natural resources.

Now, Congress is considering a proposal to develop a new dangerous energy source--oil shale-- for TWO MILLION acres of America's public lands!

Photo by Chris Evans, The Pembina Institute.

Oil shale extraction will yield impacts similiar to the syncrude oil sands mine in Alberta.

Please urge Congress to extend the moratorium on commercial oil shale development!

Oil shale production is 130% more carbon dioxide intensive than conventional drilling and gasoline production, which means it would continue to fuel global warming—the already single greatest threat to wildlife.


OUR WATER: Oil shale production will require upwards of 315 million gallons of water a dayThis is scarce water we already need for drinking, agriculture, livestock and wildlife.

OUR WILDLIFE: Oil shale development would put at risk millions of acres of wildlife habitat, and continue to raise the harmful impacts of global warming pollution for wildlife and their habitats.

OUR WAY OF LIFE: Preserving America's public lands are an important part of our country's conservation tradition. Oil shale development threatens to dramatically change the face of some of our most treasured places.

Congress is moving in the wrong direction to break America's oil addiction.

Please ask your Members of Congress to be the difference that moves America's energy policies in a bold new direction.

Thanks so much for speaking up!


Dominique Burgunder-Johnson
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