Friday, September 12, 2008

OMNI folk traveling to support effort to stop coal-fired power plants

Testimony in Little Rock‏
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Omni is a coalition member of "Clean Air Arkansas", a group trying to block coal-fired power plants trying very hard to move into Arkansas and Oklahoma. Last Tuesday a group of us went to Little Rock to testify before the Global Warming Commission. A physician talked about health problems from coal plants, an outdoorsman talked about the effect on wildlife and sensitive habitat, a businessman talked about the effects of the acid rain on forestry, a traveler told about the awful air they'd seen in China on a recent trip, and some of us just said we like to breath.
Our friends on the Commission said we were pretty effective. We even impressed the coal plant supporters, which means that at the next event the supporters will be "loaded for bear," as they say. They can be pretty pursuasive.
Are you concerned about those coal-fired plants moving in? Do you know that the Shady Point II plant in Poteau OK is seeking a permit to double its size, and belch its pollution from Fort Smith to Joplin? That's our air they're planning to pollute.
We haven't given up the argument yet, but we're running out of time. Next Thursday a friendly member of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality has scheduled a hearing to let the public speak their mind about the Turk plant at Hope. We need some concerned citizens who can spend the day helping to make a splash there. Can you go? Or can you take a vehicle with a few other folks along? You don't need to testify if you don't want. Concerned people are what we need.
Please reply if you can help with this. Pass it to a friend if you know someone who needs to hear.
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