Thursday, December 20, 2007

Action Alert: Stop the $40 Billion Loan Guarantees for Coal and Nuclear Power.

Action Alert: Stop the $40 Billion Loan Guarantees for Coal and Nuclear Power. By Ted Glick, U.S. Climate Emergency Council, December 17, 2007. "Word is that leadership in the House and Senate -- meaning, in particular, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid -- have agreed that there will be close to $40 billion in loan guarantees for nuclear power, coal-to-liquids and coal-to-gas in the huge $520 billion or so omnibus spending bill for 2008 that is about to be voted on. Nuclear power and non-existent 'clean' coal are not the solutions to the climate crisis that most Republicans and too many Democrats view them as. They're dirty and expensive, and that's why lots of people need to make calls TODAY, December 17th (tomorrow at the latest) to Nancy Pelosi's and Harry Reid's office to ask if the reports of $40 billion in loan guarantees for coal and nukes are true. It's important to call today or as soon as possible because voting on this bill could happen as early as Tuesday. House Speaker Pelosi's phone number is 202-225-0100, and the fax is 202-225-4188. Senate Majority Leader Reid's phone number is 202-224-3542, and the fax is 202-224-7327. The message is simple: no money or loan guarantees for nukes, coal-to-oil or coal-to-gas in the omnibus spending bill... And be sure to call your Senators and Congresspeople too with the same message. The general Capitol Hill switchboard number is 202-224-3121. I'm on the 105th day of the climate emergency fast, and a major reason I'm still not eating is because of the need to keep up the pressure until this Congress adjourns for the holidays. Join me in bringing that pressure now!"

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