Thursday, December 13, 2007

Task force to meet Sunday in Fayetteville, Arkansas

CARBON CAPS TASK FORCE: Meeting Agenda: 16 December 2004
1:30 PM, United Campus Ministries – Basement – enter door on east side.
Corner of Maple & Storer Streets.


1. Report from CLAN
2. Logo / Slogan
3. Discussion of 2007-8 Priorities
4. Funding the promotion
5. Carbon Cap Fund
6. Commission report
7. Report from AR Public Policy Panel?
8. Focus the Nation event Jan 30
9. Petition to Gov Beebe on Hempstead power plant

OMNI Carbon Caps Program Agenda: 2008 – 2009
Two broad goals:
I. Citizens Legislative Action Network. To create a data base of active citizens in each Arkansas House & Senate District who will:
1. Respond to alerts for immediate action to support or oppose legislation in the 2009 General Assembly.
2. Contact the Public Service Commission, ADEQ, Corps of Engineers and others who have authority to approve / disapprove construction of new coal fired power plants in Arkansas.

II. EDUCATION / ADVERTIZING CAMPAIGN. To promote an intensive informational campaign to alert the citizens of Arkansas to the very detrimental effects of fossil fuel use for energy production, especially COAL.
1. Focus on the opposition to the construction of coal fired power plants
2. Connect at a personal level the burning of coal to everyday activities and products
3. Provide real ways to stop using coal as an energy source
Some ideas:
1. Public Lectures by Art Hobson, Stephen Pollard, others from the Sierra Club, Audubon, etc.
2. SpringFest / Earth Day
3. Develop coal character / logo

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