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CCTF meeting reset for December 20, 2009; Climate Change vigil participants appreciated

CCTF Tentative Meeting for Today Cancelled.‏
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We will not have our meeting today, but rather Sunday the 20th from 1:30-3pm at the New Omni House, 3274 Lee Avenue.

Thanks to everyone who came out of the climate change vigil on Friday night. Even though our toes almost froze off, we had a meaningful time together and we were one of 3000 such vigils around the world! Way to go CCTF! Thank you Ryan Denham for your diligence in planning and publicizing this worthwhile event. (Donna, you sure can put out a fire in a dixie cup!)

Copenhagen talks continue and I am sure you have seen the protests of island nations like Tuvalu. Good article at Now Public:

Richer nations want other nations to have emission caps, but some of those countries want the "developed" nations to do more, since they are using more than their share already. Here is a quote from a report of The Daily Climate from Chinese Ambassador Qingtai Yu:

"Despite all this broad range of proposals ... it boils down to one issue quite clearly: this emissions space – whether as human beings we are all entitled to the same amount of emissions space. For developed countries, when it comes to emissions space, their fundamental position is 'what is mine is mine, but what I've taken away from you I've got to keep.' For us, the developing countries, our position is our emissions space is under occupation, and we want it back."

Next week we will discuss our achievements of the past month, discuss progress on ongoing projects, such as, the book forum and the counter-literature campaign. We will discuss our role with the CEW (Clean Energy Works) campaign and whether to be more involved with CEW.

Fresh task ideas are welcome at CCTF so we can better do our part to raise consciousness and sequester green house gases! No fresh ideas? That's alright, come and participate in discussion and evaluation.

Thanks to everyone for your passion and involvement with CCTF.


Joanna Pollock
Climate Change Task Force Facilitator, Omni
Climate Precinct Captain, 1sky

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