Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vigil Friday night

Copenhagen Conference is under way. The people of the earth hold their breath, waiting and praying for world leaders to find wisdom through the coming days. Join OMNI, 1Sky, and others for this vigil of hope.
Gladys Tiffany

--- On Mon, 12/7/09, joanna pollock wrote
At the behest of our great ally Bill McKibben of 350.org, the OMNI Center's Climate Change Task Force & 1Sky Arkansas are collaborating to bring a meaningful candle light vigil to our community on Friday, Dec 11th- 7pm at the Fayetteville Town Square near the Towncenter's Peace Fountain. The vigil will feature speakers & a moment of silence for the current & future victims of climate change throughout the world.
Please join us for this commemoration to those of us already suffering the outcomes of climate change, such as, West Africa, the Phillipines, Thailand and the Gulf of Mexico, just to name a few. There will be vigils around the world on December the 11th. These vigils call attention to the global citizens' cry to our global leaders in Copenhagen. This cry is for decisive, compassionate, bold objectives that will protect humanity's future. We can't afford to compromise for the benefit of the fossil fuel industry's bottomline.
Climate change is a social justice and a peace issue. We will share the light of our candles symbolizing our shared global future and...shared hope.
Joanna Pollock
Climate Change Task Force, Omni
Climate Precinct Captain, 1sky

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