Thursday, December 3, 2009

Greetings CCTF,

The Climate Conference in Copenhagen is from 12/6-12/ we sure don't have long before the world leaders will really be starting the process towards...what? Sustainable social systems for the whole planet? Well, let's hope so.

If you want to show your support for strong climate action in public policy the world over...then you CAN rally tomorrow with other passionate folks that want to keep our climate human friendly! (and other creatures too!)

From 12-1PM in front of Blanche Lincoln's office (4 South College Ave.)
Bring a sign or just show up!
Wear warm clothes for a rare cold day in December.

Let's try to have our next CCTF meeting on December 13th from 1-2:30pm at the Omni House if available and feasible for enough of us. Let me know how this date/time is for you.

I participated on the CEW call today, which is always informative about all the Climate Actions going on by activists around the state from grassroots to grasstops! On December 17th in Little Rock there will be a significant meeting of agricultural and energy business representatives, as well as, environmental advocates. Our allys Ken Smith of Audubon and Nick Brown of the University of Arkansas are both speakers. I will send more later.

OH, let me share this announcement. During the Copenhagen meeting, there will be a need for people who are willing to conduct quick, immediate calling our senator. This is because as negotiations reach significant milestones in the process there could be a need for politicians to hear from citizens. And..even if they aren't listening, we still need our message to be down in human history records. 1sky is providing guidance for this process (called Rapid Responder) so if anyone that would like to serve in this important capacity during the treaty negotiations...Please call Ryan Denham. This is a great way for CCTF members to get involved in a meaningful way to keep our climate the way we like it. Ryan Denhams's 1sky number is: 479-685-4348.

Just a quick reminder too about the candlelight vigil on December the 11th from 7-8pm by the Kaminsky Peace Sculpture outside in the Townscenter Plaza. Bring a candle or two and an open heart for the global South. We will commemorate the struggles that are already escalating for them because of climate change. This is also encouragement to regional and world leaders to do the right thing in Copenhagen to protect the people they represent and one another.

And I save the best for last:
Please watch this important speech from Annie Leonard. I promise it will enrich your life.
(Thank you Dr. Nick Brown).

Joanna Pollock

Climate Change Task Force Facilitator, OMNI

Climate Precinct Captain, 1sky


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