Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beyond the Point of No Return

Beyond the Point of No Return. By Ross Gelbspan, Grist Magazine, December 11, 2007. "As the pace of global warming kicks into overdrive, the hollow optimism of climate activists, along with the desperate responses of some of the world's most prominent climate scientists, is preventing us from focusing on the survival requirements of the human enterprise... To keep ourselves afloat, we need to change the economic and political structures that determine how we behave... We need, in the face of this oncoming onslaught, to reorganize our social structures to reflect our most humane collective aspirations... We are crossing a threshold into uncharted territory. And since there is no precedent to guide us, we are left with only our own hearts to consult, whatever courage we can muster, our instinctive dedication to a human future -- and the intellectual integrity to look reality in the eye."

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