Saturday, January 12, 2008

Seeking Friendlier Skies

NRDC Launches Campaign Against Airlines Using Fuel from Tar Sands, Coal and Shale. NRDC, January 10, 2008. "The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) today urged 15 major U.S. and Canadian airlines and The Boeing Company to publicly oppose the use of jet fuel made from highly polluting sources including liquefied coal, oil shale, and so-called 'tar sands,' and called on the airlines to join a campaign seeking increased investment in cleaner fuels throughout the airline industry. 'The aviation industry is under tremendous pressure to cut emissions and reduce their fuel bills. Using tar sands, coal, and shale to make fuels won't help. In fact, it would be a giant step backward,' said Liz Barratt-Brown, NRDC senior attorney. 'There are better, safer, cleaner solutions that cost less and won't pollute the friendly skies. We want to work with them to make it happen.' Production of oil from these controversial sources generates between two and five times the heat-trapping global warming pollution compared with producing conventional oil."

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