Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stop Idling

Utah Moms Fight Idling. By Elaine Jarvik, Salt Lake Deseret Morning News, January 5, 2008. "On a typical afternoon you'll see Dana Clark knocking on the window of some car idling in front of the school across from her house. Politely, Clark will explain that turning off an idling engine is something that moms can do to help clean up Utah's filthy air. But what's really needed, says Clark, is a more systematic approach — not just a few moms knocking on a few windows but a whole state full of moms lobbying for change. Clark is one of the co-founders of Utah Moms for Clean Air, begun seven months ago... Utah Moms for Clean Air is lobbying for public transportation as a priority over construction of the Mountain View Corridor and will lobby the state to adopt stricter car-emission standards. The group has also been working with the Environmental Protection Agency and local school districts to retrofit diesel school buses so they run more cleanly, and has called for a moratorium on the construction of new coal-fired power plants in Utah and elsewhere."

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