Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wartime Mobilization Against Climate Change

'Wartime Mobilization' Against Climate Change: Lester Brown's Plan B. By Bryan Walsh, Time, January 10, 2008. "After detailing just how screwed our overpopulated, overconsuming world is -- thanks to an economic system that rewards production without regard for environmental impact -- Brown [president of Earth Policy Institute] lays out an alternate path that could save us from the worst consequences of climate change. At the heart is a call to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions 80% by 2020 -- far more aggressive than anything you'll hear from political leaders or even most activists. It's an ambitious plan, one that is less concerned with political feasibility than the survivability of the planet. 'This is... wartime mobilization, an all-out response proportionate to the threat that global warming presents to our future,' [Brown says]."

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree , seems that there is another healthy mind on Earth anno 2008 !!!! read further comments at .
At war-time they/we must change of economy all at once ....Iron steel and screws and bolds to make weapons ...So WHY now not able to make SOLARPANELS and HYDROGEN solutions and ofcourse Massive REFORESTATION ...Zero unemployement ...just OUR SOUL needed to save Ourselves ....